The Fascinating World of the Indie Writer

So, I have been learning about an interesting species of writers. Over the last month and a half, I’ve been researching them, accumulating data on their habits, their work ethic and so forth. You see, prior to my research I hadn’t thought much of the Indie Writer. I had seen them as just another wannabe writer wanting to inundate the world of reading with another badly written book. And while we cannot deny that this might be true for some indie authors, there are more who have put out some pretty amazing pieces of literature.

Have I reformed my earliest beliefs? Damn straight I have. Independent Writers are seriously admirable. Fascinating. Inspiring. Creative. Tenacious. I could go on. This highly-evolved writer does not wait for the old critics, publishers, agents to give their book babies their first breath of life. Oh no! They are well resourced, adept at technology and self-made entrepreneurs, more than capable of getting their books out there in the hands of avid readers.

Indie writers actually have choices. They’re not bound to the traditional rules of publishing. They forge their own way. and while they might have a few books self-published, they’re not completely closed off to editors, publicists and who ever will help with the launch of their book baby.

‘Creative director of your book’ – I quite like that. The skills of an Indie Writer ranges far beyond just writing a compelling story. No, they are more than just organisers of words, crafters of character, engineers of plots- they’re visionaries. They see more than a book when they look at the pages that contain their blood, sweat and tears. They see its potential and they are not thwarted by rejection letters and submission requirements. No, it is their own path they carve for their book baby. It is nurtured, pampered, groomed for the world of readers – all at the hands of its creator. But it doesn’t end there. They ensure that their babies get a home. Sales, marketing, promotions, are also all within their control.

I am glad I am about to join this elite species. Yes, I have the choice. My novel, We all Fall Down, is in the process of being edited, again ( just to be sure ) and hopefully by the end of this year be available on Amazon KDP. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Read more about the Indie Writer:

The Creative Penn

Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group

And for advice on how to be an Indie Writer:

Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Advice Centre


Here’s  Chapter 1 of : We all Fall Down. Take a look and tell me what you think.


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